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We moved from ezYuku

Sadly, they tried several times to migrate Blue's Club from ezboard to yuku, and only succeeded in losing 40 days of RPG posting (which they never recovered), adding a few more ezBugs to the board, and frustrating the hell out of me. THIS is what Gold Services paid for all these years???

So, after 9 months of waiting for them to migrate the board, plus 8.5 years of loyalty and 131,633 posts, we moved to... where else??? Blue's Club!!

We are all alive and well and enjoying our new home.

~*~ JOIN US!!! ~*~

Just WHO is Blue

Blue Phoenix is a Transformer, the first Maximal ever created by Rodimus Prime. Wandering the universe on her own with little memory of her beginnings, Blue spent centuries travelling countless galaxies until by chance she encountered another lost Transformer, and together they found their way back to Cybertron.

Blue now hosts
Blue's Club on the outskirts of the city
and is content to live joyously among friends.

(We have role playing games, lunacy, chaos, writing, artwork, music, fun & friendship.)

~*~ JOIN US!!! ~*~

Real Life Stuff

Now, who in the world would want to know about the real me???
I'm a paralegal-turned-reporter, glad to have a second career.
Lawyers are nuts.

Stuff I like to do

LOVE to read The Legend of Drizzt series. Also like
voice chasing, RPG writing, quilting, photography, music,
& hosting a science fiction board for friends... JOIN US!
Blue's Club <---- click here!

Blues Crew

BluePhoenix has 20 friends she couldn't live without!

I post at Blue's Club

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